TYPOGRAFIN S.A. makes custom hang tags and is based in Thessaloniki.

20 years of experience in clothing labels, custom hang tags.

Typografin earned the trust and reliability of many well-known companies in the field of clothing and the fashion industry. The excellent quality of our products and the superior customer service, is what we strive for. Our experienced staff make sure to meet the needs and the requirements of the customer in custom hang tags, clothing labels in the most efficient way, ensuring the best quality at the best price.

Typografin S.A. is located in the Vasilika of eastern Thessaloniki. Its privately owned facilities are located in

 in the lush valley of Anthemounda, a few minutes from Thessaloniki airport (skg).


Faithful to the client's vision, always with transparency and professionalism

Typografin SA brings results in custom hang tags, clothing labels and professional printing.


Your brand is the focus, the only limit is your imagination!

Custom hang tags, Clothing labels, business cards, packaging, eco custom hang tags, wedding invitations, you name it!

Clothing Labels and design by Typografin

Do you want to design exactly what you’re thinking about?
Typografin is by your side all the way through the creative process:
classic and chic to cutting edge with the latest fashion!
Together we make your vision come true.

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